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Our story

When Rosemary and I discussed putting 50,000 Pork Farms shares (10% of our holding) into a
Charitable Trust in 1973 at a value of approximately £100,000, we never thought that it would grow into the size that it is today.

Sir David Samworth

The history of the Samworth Foundation

The Samworth Foundation came to life on 26 January 1973 as the Samworth Cadell Trust, when the late Sir David Samworth and his wife Rosemary put 50,000 shares of their family business into a charitable trust. Collectively the shares were worth £100,000, which provided an initial annual income of £3,000 for the Trust to distribute to local causes and organisations. Thanks to annual giving from the Samworth family and donations from Samworth Brothers Limited the Foundation grew and now gives around £3.5 million a year to charitable work in the UK and beyond.

The Foundation’s origins lie in David and Rosemary’s determination to give to the community. Their personal commitment was underpinned by their strong Christian faith and, amongst his other charitable interests, Sir David had a long association with Leicester Cathedral – he served as the President of the Honorary Canons and supported the Cathedral in its fundraising to make Leicester the final resting place of King Richard III. He was knighted in 2009 for his services to charity. 

Since its inception the Foundation has supported a wide range of projects and organisations, including the establishment and development of three academies across Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, work to tackle the exploitation and abuse of women and children, the protection and restoration of our natural world, and emergency responses to people facing humanitarian crisis. 

Now working with the next generation of Samworth family members, with the aim of supporting the following generation with their giving, the Foundation continues to provide funding to organisations making a real difference to the wellbeing of people and the environment.