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Our grantmaking

How we fund

We take a relational approach to grantmaking and aim to build long-term funding relationships with our grantholders.  

Where we can, we will offer multi-year, unrestricted grants, as we believe that unrestricted funding enables organisations to be more flexible and responsive to the needs they identify, and gives grant holders control over how the money they receive is spent. Where this is not possible, we may offer core funding or project specific grants.

Across our funding areas we seek to collaborate with other grantmakers, and are keen to share experiences with our partners and others in the field of philanthropy.

We don’t operate an open fund, so please don’t spend valuable time writing to us for funding because we are unable to respond to requests. 

Who we support

As a registered charity, the Foundation can only make grants to support activity which is charitable in law. Organisations do not have to be registered charities to apply. We care about making systemic change and look to fund inspirational organisations who work to address the root causes of our strategic priorities

We sometimes venture outside of our funding priorities, for example to respond to humanitarian crisis.