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Grantholder information


Your grant confirmation letter will give details of your grant payments and any associated conditions.  We will include our Grant Terms and Conditions and ask you to sign and return these.  We ask that you do this as soon as possible after receiving the offer.

All grants are paid via bank transfer.  We will ask to see a bank statement for your organisation dated within the last three months, after which your first grant payment will be made – this is usually paid within 30 days of grant confirmation.

For multi-year grants, subsequent payments are subject to our satisfactory review of your annual grant report.

Use of grant

Grants are to be used only for the purposes outlined by your organisation in the grant application which was approved by the Foundation Trustees. If there are any specific restrictions these will be contained in your grant confirmation letter. If you are unable to use the grant for the purpose for which it was intended, please contact your Grant Manager before spending any portion of the grant. 

We understand that projects sometimes change, timetables change, and underspends happen.  If any changes occur or are likely to occur get in touch with your Grant Manager so we can discuss how best to support you, and review any proposed variations.

Acknowledging your grant

We are happy to be associated with the project.  Further details can be found in the Press and Publicity section

Please invite us to events and meetings. We will try our best to attend, and if not we will try to highlight and support your valuable work in other ways.



Evaluation is undertaken in two ways.  The first is through regular grant monitoring through informal reviews and the development of our relationship with each grantholder.  The second takes a more formal approach through a written annual grant review and end of grant report.

For more information, please see our Evaluation and Reporting guidelines.



If you receive a grant you may be invited to apply again. Your Grant Manager will be in regular contact throughout the life of the grant, and will speak with you about any potential new applications towards the end of your current grant.