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Funding FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most common queries. If you cannot find what you need here, or would like to clarify something, please call us on 01664 414500 or email [email protected].

Applying for a grant

We don’t operate an open fund so please don’t spend valuable time writing to us for funding because we are unable to respond to requests. 

Do you make grants overseas?

We fund organisations from any part of the UK or who work internationally.

Do you fund core costs or do you prefer to fund a project?

Where we can, we will offer unrestricted grants, as we believe that unrestricted funding enables organisations to be more flexible and responsive to the needs they identify, and gives grantholders control over how the money they receive is spent. Where this is not possible, we may offer core funding or project specific grants. 

How much can I apply for?

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can apply for.  Last year our grants ranged from £86,000 to £300,000 and the average grant size was £73,000.  To get an idea of the kind of grants we award, take a look at the grant list or on 360Giving.

How long will you make a grant for?

Most of our grants are for two or three years, but as a responsive and flexible funder, we will consider different time frames.  If you have been invited to apply, a Grants Manager will discuss this with you. Or, as mentioned above, get an idea of the kind of grants we award by taking a look at the grants list or on 360Giving.

How quickly will I know your decision?

A Grants Manager will work with you to complete your application and there are no specific timelines for this.  Once complete, we will submit your proposal for consideration by our Trustees at one of their meetings.  Meetings usually take place quarterly in March, June, September and December.  Once a decision has been made we will contact you within five working days.

Do I have to be a registered charity to apply?

As a registered charity, the Foundation can only make grants to support activity which is charitable in law. Organisations do not have to be registered charities to apply.