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Our aims

The Samworth Foundation is an independent, grant making foundation based in the East Midlands who fund throughout the UK and internationally. We believe in bringing about positive change by working with inspiring organisations whose work benefits individuals and communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to be an effective and responsive funder by supporting our grantholders to be more resilient, manage risk and strengthen their infrastructure, improving their ability to respond to their communities.

What we fund

We are a pro-active funder with a dedicated team who research and use our networks to identify potential partners. Most of our grantholders are based in the UK and work within our key funding themes of Modern Slavery and Exploitation and Environment and Climate Change. Grants are often given over a three-year period and we will fund project, core, and unrestricted costs.

Modern Slavery and Exploitation

Environment and Climate Change

Harvesting crops by combine harvester. Midlothian, Scotland. Summer 2022.
Credit: Barrie Williams/Scottish Government
Photographer name: Barrie Williams/Scottish Government

Funder Commitment to Climate Change

The Samworth Foundation has signed up to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change.