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Case Studies

Helen Bamber Foundation

Category: Modern Slavery & Exploitation
Year Awarded: 2016 – present

Over the last eight years, the partnership between Helen Bamber Foundation (HBF) and Samworth Foundation has enabled a significant increase in the availability of trauma-informed care for survivors of trafficking and modern slavery; improved policies that affect survivors of modern slavery; and helped ensure survivors stayed safe through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Samworth Foundation has supported HBF at critical moments of strategic development, which has seen HBF grow by 400% in terms of income and allowed a significant expansion of their expert team to almost 60 clinicians, caseworkers and other staff, compared to just 21 employees at the start of our partnership.

Some highlights from what we achieved together over the past eight years include:

  • 2016-2019: funding enabled HBF’s counter-trafficking programme to grow at a critical point, helping establish HBF as a leading UK expert in the care of survivors of human trafficking.
  • 2020: the organisational stability made possible by the Foundation’s long-term support enabled HBF to rescue Asylum Aid from closure and create the Helen Bamber Foundation Group.
  • In 2021, HBF gained a leading position in the counter-trafficking sector – established as result of Samworth Foundation’s investment in HBF’s growth – meant HBF were able to bring together a coalition of 60 charities, law firms and academics to urge the government to protects survivors of trafficking who were made more at-risk due to the pandemic, which helped ensure evictions of survivors of trafficking were suspended during this period.

With your support, HBF now serves thousands of survivors every single year, through both our direct care and through UK partnerships with the NHS and other charities – including Young Roots and Happy Baby Community – and international partnerships in areas such as Myanmar and Iraq